Frequently Asked Questions
Q:  Why should I build a fence?

A:  To provide security for your family.
     To enclose your pet(s) or fence out other people’s pets or animals.
     To beautify your property.
     To draw property boundaries.
     To provide privacy.  Remember, good fences make good neighbors.
     To protect your kids from the swimming pool.
     To help increase property value. 
A well built fence will help increase your property value.  A fenced in back yard is often listed in real estate ads to attract potential customers. 

Q:  Do you warranty your fences?

A:  We always warranty our craftsmanship.  Depending on the type of fence selected, each manufacturer provides its own warranty on the material.

Q:  Can we mix and match different types of fences?

A:  Absolutely.  Some types look better together than others.  But it’s very common for homeowners to use a different type of fence on the front of the house versus the type of fence on the side and back.  We will be glad to discuss with you the different options.

Q:  Will staining or painting my wood fence preserve the life of my fence?

A:  Yes.  Our wood has a lifetime warranty against wood rot and insects.  However, as with any type of wood, staining or painting will help preserve and improve the appearance of your fence.

Q:  When can I stain my wood fence?

A:  If you ask ten different paint and stain experts, you’ll get ten different answers.  We are not an expert, but based on our discussions with others, the average time to wait is three months depending on the type of sealant used.  Please make sure to read the label on the product you choose.

Please email us with any other questions or concerns you may have regarding your fencing needs. 

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